Available for your iPad now!
Being crafted with love and coming soon!
Arriving soon on your Mac too!

Persona is an email client as we think it should be...
for People, Conversations and Knowledge shared,
not for inboxes and folders.

Manage your messages quickly and easily, see conversations you have had with specific people
and keep track of the messages you have sent to one another.

Persona helps you maintain focus on people
and tasks, by minimizing distraction
and enabling fluid interaction.

Reply in-line and in-context in a single step, without going into compose.
Persona allows you to send mail Instant messenger (IM) style.

As we continue to rethink email and communication
we truly value your feedback for improvements.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

'Persona' in the press
As always all products begin with a concept. We came up
with a video 2 years ago and it garnered quite a bit of
attention. Here are a few quotes ...

Like the look of it? Think you might be tempted? It will be interesting to
see and play around with the full app when it’s released.

-- Giles Turnbull in ‘Cult of Mac’ blogzine

Persona offers some interesting ideas not commonly found in other mail
clients... It’s certainly good to see fresh approaches to handling email.

-- Lukas Mathis in his blog “Ignore the code”